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Most people know how to set goals, but they don't know how to have a relationship with them. Understand the specific actions you can take to stay on track with your goals. 

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"Living The ONE Thing has altered the course of my life. Today, I'm providing for my family both financially and emotionally at a higher level than every before. I'm very grateful for this community. "

Jeff Gray
Living Your ONE Thing Member since January 2018

Live your life by design, not by default.

The path to getting everything you want starts by focusing on ONE Thing at a time. Make this the year you achieve results in the areas of your life that matter most.

Frequently Asked Questions

Think BIG and go small! Think big about what will be possible when you live these principles, and go small by narrowing your focus down to the ONE thing you can do that would make everything else easier or unnecessary.

This means start with ONE training, and make a commitment to implementing it (rather than trying to consume everything). Making incremental progress is far more important than perfection.

Know that you will stumble along the way. This is part of the journey and why our member gain access to a community that can support them. If you ever need help, go there!

If you have questions or just need a pep talk, email us at [email protected] or give us a call 512.439.8872.

Each month our members can participate in a Monthly Group Coaching Call where we will dive deep on the 411 to ensure you’re clear on your priorities for the month.

This is your chance to interact with one of our trainers, get real time coaching to ensure you  stay on track with your goals, and get your questions answered.

Many of our members share these calls are one of their favorite things about being in this community.

Calls usually take place on a Monday @ 3pm central time.

They will be recorded and saved to your personal training page so you can access them anytime.

Becoming a member is a great way to begin establishing a relationship with your goals.

Once you've got habits solidified around that, you may find yourself asking for more.

Many of our members have gone on to:

  1. Get a ONE Thing Coach
  2. Become a ONE Thing Coach or Trainer!
  3. Bring The ONE Thing to their organization through our corporate trainings

All information on these can be found at

"If doing the most important thing is the most important thing,
why do anything else?"
- Gary Keller

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