The future doesn't need to be certain for you to set and achieve your goals.

While many couples are throwing in the towel and calling 2020 a wash, we know you are different!


Reclaim 2020 and stay on track for 2021

At the ONE Thing we have a rhythm for the year, and for the first time ever we’re bringing that rhythm to you through a guided virtual experience that will refocus your energy for 2020 and keep you on track this year.

Join us for your Virtual Couples Goal Setting Retreat so you can set your 2021 goals, strengthen your relationship as you achieve goals together, and emerge from this year more aligned than ever before.

Here's what you can expect for the rest of this year.

Recast Your 2020 Goals

You could not have prepared for this challenge, but you will rise up for it. The Goal Setting Master Course will help you discover what becomes possible when you're aligned as a couple and are clear on what matters most.

Receive Monthly Guidance

Most people know how to set goals, but they were never taught how to have a relationship with them. On the first of every month you will receive a Reflect and Plan. This is a ONE Thing tool that helps you stay on track for your goals for the year. 

Set Your 2021 Goals

Millions of people set goals every year, but at The ONE Thing, we set them with the people who matter most during a Couples Goal Setting Retreat. Use the Master Course or select a ticket to the the live streamed retreats in November.

"The thing that has made so much success in our life possible is the goal planning Jay and I do every year. Never underestimate the power of getting on the same page. "

Wendy Papasan
Setting goals as a couple since 2008

Here's How You Can Access Your Virtual Couples Goal Setting Retreat

Choose which experience is best for you.



Master Course Access (valued at $495)

Get access to The ONE Thing Goal Setting Master Course for the remainder of 2020. This will guide you through recasting your 2020 goals now and setting your goals for 2021. This option does not include access to the virtual retreats.

"I want to recast my 2020 goals and have my own goal setting retreat for 2021."




Master Course Access + All This!

Access to the Virtual
Couples Goal Setting Retreat (Nov 14 & 15)
Access to the Virtual Goal Setting Retreat for Individuals & Teams (Nov 21 & 22)
7 Months of Reflect & Plans
Digital SWAG

"I want to recast my 2020 goals and have access to both virtual Goal Setting Retreats in November."




Get General Admission + Even More!

This premium experience gives you
LIFETIME ACCESS to the Master Course
Access to both Virtual Goal Setting Retreats
Exclusive VIP Mastermind Access
Digital and Physical SWAG (oh yeah!)

"I'm all in for a premium experience!
I want the Goal Setting Retreat to be part of my life year after year!"


Not an Annual Member?
There's never been a better time to join!

For about $100 more than the price of a General Admission ticket, you can belong to a community who supports your goals. When you join as an annual member, you get that ticket for FREE!


Here's what's included at each ticket level:

Course Only General Admission VIP


Each month, from June through December, you will receive a Reflect and Plan so you can think about where you are and where you want to be in relation to you goals. This is how you line up the dominoes and achieve extraordinary results.


Use the proven models and systems in this master course to cast a new vision for the rest of 2020, build a relationship with those goals and have your Couples Goal Setting Retreat and set your 2021 goals. 


You plan on making your Goal Setting Retreat an annual tradition. Get lifetime access to this amazing master course that will help facilitate your retreat year after year.


November 14th and 15th we will bring the Couples Goal Setting Retreat right to your living room. This virtual experience will include live streamed sessions and guest couples speaking on topics like intimacy, abundance, and legacy.


November 21st and 22nd you're invited to the Goal Setting Retreat for individuals and teams. The framework for setting goals stays the same, but in this retreat we will go deeper on topics like leadership, wealth building, and personal development.


We have special treats that you can download and bring even more value to your retreat. 


We don't want to give away the surprise, but think of your retreat swag as a tool kit for success that will also make you look good. One swag package per ticket, but if you want an extra for your sweetheart, let us know!


This exclusive experience is designed to connect you with other likeminded high-achievers. Get additional support during your goal setting retreat and establish powerful relationships.


Your 2020 Schedule

We'll support you along the way through the rest of this year!

  1. Recast a vision for your 2020 goals, TODAY!
    Use the proven models and systems in the Goal Setting Master Course to cast a new vision for the rest of this year. 
  2. Monthly Reflect and Plans from June through December 2020
    On the first of every month you will receive a Reflect and Plan to celebrate accomplishments so you can make progress on your goals. This is how you line up the dominoes and achieve extraordinary results.
  3. The Virtual Couples Goal Setting Retreat | November 14th and 15th
    We are bringing the Couples Goal Setting Retreat right to your living room! This virtual experience will include live streamed sessions, guest speakers and the opportunity to connect with your community.  *GA and VIP ticket holders
  4. The Virtual Goal Setting Retreat for Individuals and Teams | November 21st and 22nd
    There are so many kinds of goal setters out there! Some of you will set goals with you team, your gal pals, your business partner, or on your own. This retreat is designed with you in mind. The goal setting framework stays the same, but in this retreat we will go deeper on topics like leadership, wealth building, and personal development.
    Just ONE General Admission or VIP ticket will give you access to both virtual retreat experiences. 
  5. Host your own goal setting retreat with the Goal Setting Master Course and set your goals for 2021 
    Master Course Only and General Admission ticket holders will get access to the Master Course through the end of 2020. VIP ticket holders get lifetime access to this course so they can make their Goal Setting Retreat a part of their life year after year.


Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! 

The ONE Thing Goal Setting framework is something that helps you set goals with all the important relationships in your life from your significant other to your business partner.

This year we have curated two virtual retreat weekends. The first is designed specifically for couples. The second retreat is focused on how to set goals as a leader, an individual or a team.

In both retreats you'll experience the same ONE Thing goal setting framework, but the questions we ask and the guest speakers we feature will be different. 

You're invited to attend both virtual events when you purchase a General Admission or VIP ticket. If you're only interested in the Couples Retreat, think of it as a bonus. 

This is more common than you think... you're not alone! Here are some talking points you can consider sharing:

  1. Everyone of us had our "normal" lives interrupted this year. For some of us it was in bigger ways than others. When change happens, it's an opportunity to consider where we are and where we want to be.
  2. This is an opportunity for you to cast a vision of what you want TOGETHER, and put a plan in place so you are supporting one another versus growing apart. 
  3. You don't have to be a "goal-setter" to plan for the future. It's just a conversation designed to help you both better understand what you want.
  4. You don't have to have read The ONE Thing or listened to The ONE Thing Podcast. This will be a supportive environment for you to go on a journey together. 
  5. Goal setting is different than therapy. You will have conversations you may never have had before, and you'll be supported by a framework will guide you through them.

The Goal Setting Master Course includes video lessons that you can watch on-demand. Each lesson includes some instruction and then asks you to pause the video to have conversations so you can set your goals together. This is a comprehensive course that covers all the tools you'll need to successfully reset your 2020 goals and set goals together in the future. 

The Virtual Goal Setting Retreats are scheduled on two separate weekends where we will feature live streamed content, guest speakers, and new content specifically designed to help you set goals in 2021. This is an unprecedented year, so we are bringing unique content designed to serve you and your relationships in specific and timely ways. 

Being there for the live-streamed retreat will be very special, but the material is just as valuable when you watch the replay.

If you need to time block you retreat on a different week, go for it! The recorded retreats will be available through the end of November. Block your retreat when it is convenient for you!

When you purchase your VIP ticket, your swag box get sent out via the post. Where you are located in the world will determine how long it takes to get to you.

While tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable you are our ONE Thing. If the experience does not meet your expectations please reach out to us so we can make it right.

Email us at [email protected].

Becoming a Living Your ONE Thing member is a great way to reinforce productive principles and begin your journey. If you are at all interested in this Goal Setting Retreat experience, become an annual member because they get a General Admission ticket for free. Boomshakalaka!

Many of our members have also gone on to:

  1. Get a ONE Thing Coach
  2. Become a ONE Thing Coach or Trainer!
  3. Bring The ONE Thing to their organization through our corporate trainings

All information on these can be found at


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