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66 Day Habit Challenge

The 66-Day Habit Challenge is a commitment to focus on a specific habit for 66 days in a row with the goal to make it a permanent part of your routine.

If you've read The ONE Thing, you know that research shows it takes approximately 66-days for a new behavior to become automatic.


So many of you are setting out this new year with the best of intentions but without the support of a community and regular ongoing accountability, this will be just another New Year resolution that is broken by the third week of January. Join us for the next 66 days to break the New Year's statistics and create a habit that will last!

What you'll get:

  • Daily motivational text messages to maintain accountability and encourage you on your journey
  • Mid-challenge check call in with our training team to work through any challenges and roadblocks you may be facing in building your new habit
  • Weekly Emails from The ONE Thing training team with best practices, encouragement, and tips and tricks to make your habit stick
  • 66-Day Challenge kick-off call to identify your habit and prepare you for your challenge
  • 66-Day Habit Challenge Calendar
  • Private Facebook Group with other 66-Day Challengers to keep you encouraged and motivated
  • 66-Day Challenge leaderboard and tracker

We encourage you to focus on a small, achievable habit to increase your chances of success. Some ideas might include exercising regularly, meditating daily, or reading for 30 minutes before bed. Whatever habit you choose, you’ll have a greater chance of success if it's something meaningful and important to you.

Transform with us in just 66 days!